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HELLO!!! There are many things one can say about themselves but we can start with how much I LOVE my hobbies. Scuba diving, owning a business, violin, volunteering and anything outdoors are some favorites!

A lot has changed for the world during the pandemic of 2020 and my life was no different. I cut my hair, dyed it blue and decided to live life to the fullest. 

Only happy bubbles ahead!


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If you want to follow me on any socials you can find me with @thebluesealady

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Certified Public Safety Diver

Diving has taken up the majority of my free time since I hope to help the general public using the skills I've obtained in my Public Safety Diving courses. Number one being search and recovery! 
Always looking for new dive buddies to find new adventures!!! My personal Instagram features my dives @thebluesealady

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Being a small business owner I spend most of my time managing pet care services, pet photography and pet friendly events. These have become passions of mine that grew over time and you can find out more about them at I am quite proud of the small business and often post photos of pets on our Instagram @furballsociety

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Volunteer or paid events!

Grade school makes you pick an instrument early on in Michigan. Clarinet was first but it was a little too involved with spit for an 11 year old and so my next choice was the violin! I've been playing ever since in orchestra's, chamber groups and some professional trio's. Playing the violin for charity events has been my ultimate favorite way to use my skills!

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Genetic Engineering

While attending UofM I focused on the sciences!! Biology, Micro-Biology, Statistics and later Bio-Chemistry. My 10 year old self had a dream to become a Genetic Engineer and I was so lucky to reach my goal. The scientific internships, university science clubs and labs were state of the art experiences I wouldn't trade for the world. 

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