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Forever working with amazing groups like Pro Scuba Center to broaden my education! With PSC I obtained my basic Search and Recovery, Surface Support Specialist, Public Safety Diver, PSD Search and Recovery, and PSD Underwater Body Recovery Specialist. You can find even more amazing courses on their website

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Owning a small business means that there is always room for growth. Currently I am incorporating professional pet photography to the business and working on a studio! We already have over 150 pet costumes from our love of dressing up dogs for Halloween and so we might as well put them to good use! Featured in that photo is my very own dog Mya!!! Her Instagram is @marvelousmyamay

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Currently working on a company that involves the whole family. What could be more exciting than robotics!!! 

Please follow our Facebook page for updates!

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Some favorite volunteering is with the Friends of the Rouge, Humane Society of Huron Valley, United Way Worldwide, Detroit Zoo, and Bark For Life of Greater Ann Arbor.

If you are looking for more volunteers for your organization reach out to me and we can help out!

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